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David Tibble
(Richard Brooks)

David Tibble grew up in the West Suburbs of Chicago, in Wheaton, Illinois. He is a proud graduate of St. Francis High School, as well as St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota. Regionally, David has worked with several theaters around the country, including Diamond Circle Melodrama in Colorado and the National Theatre for Children in Minneapolis. Since moving back to Chicago in 1999, David has had the privilege to appear on stage at many different theaters in the Chicagoland area, including the American Girl Theater, Drury Lane Oak Brook, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, The Second City, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, Noble Fool, Pheasant Run, Light Opera Works, Bohemian Theatre Ensemble, Circle Theatre, and The Illinois Theatre Center.

Although this is David’s first major role in a film, he has appeared in several independent films and student films, and has also been featured in commercials for Budweiser, Luna Carpet, Rogers and Hollands, The American Cancer Society, and The United States Armed Services. David would like to thank Robert and the entire production team on D.I.N.K.s for their hard work. He would also like to thank the cast, especially his fabulous co-star Deborah, for their constant professionalism and positive attitudes. He would like to thank all his many friends (too many to list – I’m not bragging, just EXTREMELY blessed!), and especially his co-workers at The Boston Consulting Group for their support and patience. And finally, David would like to thank his family for their un-wavering support, his nine brothers and sisters, his parents, and the love of his life, Michelle.

Deborah Craft
(Rachel Brooks)

Deborah Craft is more often seen on the Chicago stage than the screen.  DINKS will be her first feature length film project, though she also has experience in commercials and voice-over.  She is an ensemble member and Managing Director at the Piccolo Theatre in Evanston as well as a collective member at LiveWire Chicago Theatre. With these companies she has performed most recently in Perseus and Medusa, Rough Crossing, Wonder of the the World, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Marco Garcia
(Mayor Ferguson)

Marco Garcia plays the co-lead role of Mayor in the feature film comedy, DINKS, directed by Robert Alaniz and shooting during June/July of 2010.   

Marco has worked professionally in film and on stage in Chicago for several years. After studying with master teacher Ted Liss (who taught Virginia Madsen and Bill Campbell) for several years, he did regular commercial work in the late '80s with Emilia Lorence and other agencies and picked up day player roles in films like "Code of Silence" and "Color of Money."   

This veteran character actor rejuvenated his career of diverse roles during the last 4 years, playing mobster, dad, and professor in film and on stage. He performed in "Equus" in a 5-month run that garnered 5 Jeff. Award nominations, played Polonius in Hamlet, and performed as a paranoid devout old man at Trap Door Theatre last year. Recently, in a consecutive run from November '09 through this past February, Marco performed in plays and staged readings at Peoples, Halcyon, American Theatre Company and Village Players of Oak Park.   

Currently, Marco has a recurring role in the "Green Hornet" webisodic series as mobster and he expects to be on stage this fall. Marco says that besides the role of Mayor in DINKS, which he loves, the role he most has enjoyed playing was the principal role of Saucedo, Italian anarchist printer in the L.A. SAG commercial feature, No God, No Master, directed and written by Terry Green (director of Almost Salinas) and shot in Milwaukee last summer. No God goes to major film festivals this year, and then hits the theatres.   

Marco says that his speaking scene, which was in Italian, took place in a warehouse, where he was tortured by veteran actor David Stratehairn. Marco remarked, "It was an amazing experience, working with Hollywood pro's, having a trailer on the set for several days, working Terry Green--a memorable experience, one that gave me confidence that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life." 

Maura Antas
(Sierra Haggerty)

Maura is thrilled to be a part of “DINKs” and to work for a third time with Filmmaker Robert Alaniz. She previously played the role of “Young Angela” in The Vision and the role of Delaney in Bitterblue. In November of 2009, Maura held the role of “Red Thomas” in Seven Gunn Production’s short film Footworks. Last year she was accepted into Northwestern University’s Cherubs Program, where she studied film and video and acted in the following short films: Journal Discretion, Vote for David, Kat’s Got Your Tongue, and The Date. Maura has worked with the R.Ed.I Foundation for four years, a prevention theater group designed to reach out to troubled teens through the performing arts. She was also recently seen playing the role of “Dinah Lord” in the Albright Theatre Company’s production of The Philadelphia Story. Maura’s other stage credits include: Carousel with Playhouse 111; various parts with Missoula Traveling Theater Company; Acorn Community Theater; District Playhouse Theater; and the role of “Scrooge” in her school’s production of A Christmas Carol. In 2008, Maura was accepted into The Acting Studio Chicago’s Summer Audition Clinic, where she studied the fundamentals of the acting business and later performed for a group of Chicago’s top casting directors and agents.

Jayson Bernard

Jayson has been in Chicago for 14 years now studying with the best; such as Second City, Act One Studio's and Marybeth Liss from Red twist Theater. He has been featured on" ER" and "Turks", while writing comedy and performing thru out the Chicagoland area.  Jayson also made a cameo in the indie film "The Landlord" in 2009 (Written & Directed by Emil Hyde.) And is currently working on TWO films here in Chicago! " I am thrilled to be apart of D.I.N.K.s!” Jayson says. “I think it's a subject long over do for light to be shed on."

Jack Guasta
(Carlos Ramirez)

Jack is making his second appearance in a Sole Productions project, having been previously seen in Bitterblue as James Doder, Sr. Jack has kept busy so far this year, having appeared in several independent films, a couple of industrial projects, two print projects, and performed with three different murder mystery companies. Some of his earlier projects include the plays Dracula (as Renfield) and The Glass Menagerie (as Jim, the Gentleman Caller), lead roles in the short indie films W.O.R.M. and Russell, and roles in several industrial films for companies including Rozerem, Grainger, and Walgreens. Jack has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State, and had enjoyed a successful career in engineering and project management before pursuing acting. Jack makes his home in the west suburbs of Chicago. More info on Jack can be found on IMDB and his website.

Devorah Richards
(Sara Ferguson)

Devorah is delighted to work with Robert Alaniz for the first time, playing the Mayor’s wife and Kristen’s Mom in “D.I.N.K.s.” Devorah’s other full length films include, “Second Moon”, which is currently getting a lot of attention in International Festivals and a film called, “Disconnect”, shot in Champagne, IL. On television, she was featured as a witness in, “Conspiracy: The Oklahoma Bombing City Bombing”, that appeared on the Discovery Channel. She is an Ensemble member at Polarity Ensemble Theatre in Chicago and appeared there as Mrs. Malaprop in “The Rivals”. She is also a big supporter of American Blues Theater and has been working behind the scenes to support the development of an original work to be mounted in 2011. Other work includes: staged readings with American Blues Theater, Women’s Theatre Alliance of Chicago, Silk Road Theatre Company and Theatre Or’s Israeli Play Festival at Victory Gardens. She has also appeared in: “The Glass Menagerie “(Oakton Community College), “Yerma” (Halcyon Theatre), “Orpheus Descending” (American Theatre Company), Tom Stoppard one-act plays (Piccolo Theatre), and was an understudy at Steppenwolf in “The Dresser”. Devorah has also appeared in commercials and industrials.

Katherine Trost
(MaryRose Blankenship)

D.I.N.K.s is Katherine's fourth film with Sole Productions. She was seen previously in Bitterblue as Jannah Marshall. She has also been involved in student films. She is very excited to be a part of this project. Not only because of her love of comedy, but because she has the chance to work with so many talented comedic actors. She will be playing the role of MaryRose Blankenship.

Katherine has loved acting and singing since she was a child, but until a few years ago her experience didn't go beyond school and church productions. Working with Sole Productions has let her live her dream… the Big Screen!

She resides in Frankfort, IL with her husband Jeff, and has been blessed with four incredible children. Her hobbies and free time revolve around her family. By day she is a Printed Circuit Board designer for Panduit Corp. She loves working with children and has coached cheerleading and softball as well as directing various children's plays.

Steve Parks
(Leonardo Randall Tolstoy III)

This past year was a busy one for Steve with the filming of three indie films including "D.I.N.K.s", "INSPECTRES" & "CURIO". Past credits also include "KEEPER OF THE NECKLACE" & "THE VISITOR FROM ELSEWHERE". Steve has also appeared in commercials for Lennox Air Conditioners, the Kentucky Lottery and Armed Forces Television. Theatre credits include REQUIEM FOR A HEAVY WEIGHT (Maish), ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (Mr. Cheswick) and THE AWESOME 80'S PROM (Principal Snelgrove). Over the years, Steve has studied at such places as Chicago Actor's Studio and Victory Gardens and Steven Icvich Studio. See Steve's web page.

Adam Stephenson
(Arnold Rappaport)

In "D.I.N.K.s" Adam plays the role of Arnold Rappaport a befuddled lawyer who may have lost his way. "D.I.N.K.s" is Adam's second supporting role in a feature film. Other credits include the feature film "College Debts" and the short films "Island of Man", "Outrun", "Cyber Kid", and "Fallout". Along with the premiere of "D.I.N.K.s" in March, Adam will be debuting online with two web series, "Classholes" and "Hey, Girl!”

Adam is currently a student at The Second City Training Center honing his improvisation skills and can be seen on stage at various Improv Jams throughout Chicago and often collaborates with n.u.f.a.n. Ensemble. He has also begun filming "Frankenstein: Day of the Beast" as the lead character Victor Frankenstein. More info can be found at Adam's IMDb page.

Debbi Burns

Debbi started working as a movie and television extra in 2003. She enjoyed working as a stand-in for Kim Miyori in The Grudge 2 and Connie Britton in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Debbi has worked on Student Films and recently worked on an Independent Film called Thinking Speed as 'Brook'. Her TV experiences include a Brown's Chicken Commercial where she was a Caterer and worked on reenactments on the History Channel and National Geographic Channel. 

She feels blessed to have landed print modeling opportunities for Walgreens, Aprimo Software, AT&T, Philip Morris, Windy City Tours and even for Colorado Tech University as a Military Officer, one of her favorites! Debbi thanks her Talent Agents for sending her out on auditions!  Now here she is, with a supporting role in D.I.N.K.s (Double Income, No Kids) a comedy directed by 'Robert excited!!! Debbi thanks Robert for her opportunity to audition and to be cast as 'Mariana,' a busy soccer mom with two boys and a workaholic husband. 

Debbi doesn't know what exactly she'll be working on next, but feels there are many opportunities to look forward to. She says it doesn't hurt to have a husband that supports her in everything she does.... 'Thanks Mark'!! 

Rebecca O’Connell

Rebecca is excited to be playing the role of Michelle in D.I.N.K.S.  She was a part of the cast in Robert Alaniz’s last featured film, “The Vision” and is thrilled to be working with him for a second time. By day, Rebecca is a teacher, and a mom to two wonderful children and two cuddly basset hounds.  In her spare time, Rebecca loves to sing and salsa dance.  Rebecca would like to thank her husband, Brian for supporting her in all her endeavors.  She looks forward to more opportunities to act in the future! 

Stephanie Caprini

Stephanie Caprini is honored to be a part of "DINKs," her second Robert Alaniz film.  She worked on the sets of numerous independent and student films around Chicago including "Fall Away," and "The Alumni Club," which is currently in production.  She also studied acting and improv at The Second City in 2007, but has discovered her true love lies in the film-side of acting.

Breeana Sliter
(Kristin Ferguson)

Breeanna Sliter had a unique start to acting. When she was in 4th grade, she had to give an oral book report in front of the class. Although she is super smart and has always gotten straight A's in school, she could not make herself get up in front of her class to deliver her report. She was so terrified, in fact that she broke down in tears. Breeanna received the first and only F grade of her life.

In 5th grade her class was learning about politics during the Presidential election. It was at this time that she decided that she wanted to be Madam President someday. She realized, of course, that she would have to overcome her fear of public speaking, so SHE made it a personal endeavor to do so.

  She found an acting contest on YouTube, entered and won! This gave her the confidence to try out for a role in a local production of Alice in Wonderland and was casted as Lory the parrot.  Within 6 months after returning to America, her Mother found out about an audition for the movie D.I.N.K.s in Chicago and she was fortunate enough to be chosen to play the role of Kristen (the Mayor’s daughter).

Acting seems to come naturally to Breeanna and she has a remarkable ability to memorize her lines very quickly and effortlessly. She is very excited to be working on this project and feels fortunate for the experience she is gaining from it and the director Mr. Robert Alaniz, cast and crew.

Blake Buczkiewicz
(Kyle Gavin)

Blake Buczkiewicz is an aspiring actor who enjoys being on set. Blake has completed more than a dozen films and has enjoyed the experience and the anticipation of seeing the final product. For a younger actor, his directors have commented that he has an excellent ability to take direction and has a keen sense of presence while filming. Also, while just learning to read, Blake has a unique ability to memorize his lines and those of others in order to keep the tape running during filming. Some of the films that Blake has been a part of include: “Killing Time”, “The Yellow Hat” and “The Old Man and His Dog.” In addition to his film work, he has been a part of the webisodic series “Platoon of Power Squadron”. Most recently, he was a part of “Prison Boat,” a comedy television pilot. He has done modeling as well as stage work, which include both “Snow Days” and “It’s Summer”. Blake is thankful to be part of a great cast and working with a fabulous director in “D.I.N.K.s.”

Luke Mayer

While Luke is only eight years old, he has been saying since he was three that he wants to be a "movie maker". This is Luke's first production and he is thrilled to be a part of the D.I.N.K.s cast. Luke is very comfortable in front of the camera so acting seems to come naturally to him. Of course, it helped that Robert and the crew were great with the kids! It has been a very valuable experience and Luke looks forward to a future career in film making industry.

Jordyn Bolber

Jordyn is so thankful that filmmaker Robert Alaniz picked her to play the role of "Becky". Jordyn's ability to memorize lines and take direction has helped her professionally in film, television and on stage.

  Jordyn has had a very busy year having completed two indie films, four short films and a variety of print work. She has also been fortunate to have appeared on stage in "A Christmas Carol" at the Metropolis Performing Arts Center, "Lakai's Coffin" at the Redmoon Theater and Toddrik Hall's "Oz the Musical" In addition Jordyn has appeared in commercials for Browns Chicken, Fantasy Costume Headquarters and Noah’s Ark. On her down time, Jordyn loves playing with her puppies, hanging with her three older sisters and older brother, going to school and doing gymnastics.

Jordyn is thrilled to have had the opportunity to be in D.I.N.K.S and work with such a wonderful cast and crew.

Cassie Olson

Cassie is an aspiring actress who enjoys being on set and takes direction well. She received her start with Barbizon Modeling and Acting where she represented the Chicago Company at the IMTA Competition in L.A. winning 12 awards for acting and modeling. She was also awarded runner up for actor of the year in 2008. Cassie has appeared in many short films and several commercials.  Cassie enjoyed working on the set of D.I.N.K.S. and was excited when her scene required her to ad lib her lines. Cassie has agency representation in L.A. and Chicago.

Marty Backstrand
(Skylar Jr.)

From a young age till now, 8 year old Marty has displayed a keen sense to observe and reenact with gusto-from stopping a little lady in Costco to show her 'what it looks like to lift a car like a superhero' to the more dramatic scenes in pre-school filled with real raw emotions.  Marty has spunk and confidence.  At 5 years old, he went into his first audition, walked right up to the director and said, "I am writing a movie script and you would be perfect for the lead role".

Marty has had roles in 2 other films as well as commercial work.  He played the role of Lester Stirn in 'Fort McCoy' (staring Eric Stoltz and Lyndsey Fonseca), which recently won Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Film Festival. Marty loves the “D.I.N.K.s” script so much that he is working on writing “D.I.N.K.s Part II.”

Kaylyn Slevin

Kaylyn Slevin, from South Barrington, plays the role of Cindy. She loved working on the set of D.I.N.K.s. Kaylyn made her local theatre debut in December 2008 playing "Grace" in A Christmas Carol the Musical at Steel Beam Theatre. From there, after landing every theatre audition she had been on, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and All My Sons, her parents decided to sign her with an acting/modeling agent in Chicago. Kaylyn has since kept busy with many projects acting and modeling. Most recent projects include the movie "Sister Spirit", filmed in New York, where Kaylyn plays "Little Laurel", the flashback of Alicia Silverstone's character, Laurel, to be out 2011. She has also completed several indie and student films. Recent commercial and modeling credits include Sugar by Mac Duggal, Nestle, American Girl, Mattel, Palm Springs Nissan, Woodfield Nissan, and Young & Rubicam. Kaylyn was recently the opening and closing feature runway model for Teeki Swimwear at L.A. Fashion Weekend, October 15, 2010, at Sunset Gower Studios. Kaylyn also closed the show walking out in CMilian eyewear with singer, Christina Milian, who performed at the show and launched her new eyewear line. Kaylyn is now in California and recently signed with Ford Models. She still works in Chicago, as well, as she is shooting American Girl in Chicago next week. When Kaylyn is not acting/modeling, you can find her in the dance studio. She has great passion for all styles of dance.

Riley Duhamel

Riley Duhamel hails from the mountains of Port Clinton, Ohio.  He made his professional debut in Robert Alaniz's production of "Timeserver", where he had the supporting actor role of Gordon Brent. This provided him with previous experience at being inept and the weakest link alongside a strong group of veteran performers. After a self imposed sabbatical due to the birth of his first son and the acquisition of twins, he is happy to be acting again.   Riley is also an amateur musician and has a large collection of hand towels.  His hobbies include extreme ironing, fork-bending, Hikaru Dorodango and imbibing copious amounts of coffee while reading big books he never got around to in school.  He would like to thank everyone involved for their patience with his insane chatter, lack of punctuality and spontaneous singing of Miley Cyrus songs.

Brandon Galatz
(Brad Snyder)

Brandon Galatz is an upcoming Chicago actor, who loves nothing more than the craft of acting. He is now working on his third feature film, and first under the direction of Robert Alaniz.  He couldn’t be more excited to be a part of D.I.N.K.S.

Currently he is enrolled in The Conservatory at Act One Studios in Chicago and plans to graduate in 2011. However appreciates that just because school is out... the learning never stops!

He is constantly looking to be inspired and always learn from others, as he believes that we are each other’s greatest teachers.  Brandon loves the art of acting and truly believes that there is no better profession in the world. “When people ask me what I want to be when I grow up... I say that I want to do it all... that is what I believe acting is all about... Within the medium of acting, whether film or on the stage, can you truly live the unimaginable and often impossible...what’s more exciting than that!!”

A special thanks to all my instructors who continuously motivate me to do my best, and never allow me to simply settle in a choice… but to always search and reach for what is stronger… and as always, for granting me the realization that, “… Acting is nothing more than the reality of doing…” T.H. /E.V.

Kristin Broadwell
(Nancy Roberts)

Kristin is thrilled to be playing the role of Nancy Roberts in D.I.N.K.S. This is Kristin’s first film working with director, Robert Alaniz. Kristin has been busy acting in a number of independent film projects.  One of her films, “A Sicilian Odyssey” recently screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Kristin has studied acting at Second City, Piven Theatre and the Black Box Acting Studio. Kristin is a graduate of the iO improv training program in Chicago. To learn more about Kristin click here to visit her IMDB page page or click here to visit her website.

Brian Rigg
(John Samson, TV Anchor)

Brian “signs on” as TV news anchor John Samson, in “D.I.N.K.s.” He is pleased to be working on his third film with director Robert Alaniz. Previously, he appeared as a news reporter in “The Vision,” and as Tom Stanley in “Bitterblue.” Brian has also done industrial, print, voice-over, and extensive extra work in film and TV. He has also worked in theatre on the southwest side for over 20 years. Favorite roles include: Fagin in “Oliver;” Pirate King in “Pirates of Penzance;” Dr. Craven in “Secret Garden;” and Bob Cratchit in “A Christmas Carol.”

By day, he is a Producer/Director of training videos for electric utility, Exelon/ComEd. He also videotapes many theatrical, dance and community events throughout the Chicagoland area. In real life, he resides in Orland Park with wife Patti, and is the father of four.

Mason Born
(David Haggerty)

Mason Born is proud to be making his film debut after all stage acting in his teenage years. A few roles include Felix Unger in The Odd Couple and Greg in Sylvia. He is currently majoring in acting at Columbia College Chicago where he also plans on continuing his improv training at The Second City and the iO. Future plans include the continuation of film, commercial and voice-over acting.

Sharon Dalla Costa
(The Mayor’s Secretary)

Sharon is a character actor who is delighted to lend her support in Robert Alaniz’s film “D.I.N.K.s.” Sharon has had roles in many films and commercials playing very diverse parts such as nurse, preacher, assassin, homeless woman, and secretary. She especially enjoys improvisation and film. Sharon is a Chicago actor and is very proud to be a part of “D.I.N.K.s.”

Megan Payne

Megan Payne is thrilled to be working on her second feature film, DINKS, directed by Robert Alaniz. She is a graduate of The Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University where she received her BFA in Theatre. She hopes to continue working on more film projects in the near future.

Dave Branigan

You may not rememebr Dave as one of the lawyers in the party scene at the beginning of TimeServer. Who could forget him in his role as Randall Thomas in both Barrymore's Dream and The Vision. Dave is active in community theater, having appeared in several productions with the Gaelic Park Players and the Palos Village Players. He also plays guitar, sings and composes.

Jeff La See

This is the second Robert Alaniz film Jeff La See has appeared in. Jeff had two extra spots in "The Vision". Jeff has been a business acquaintance of Robert Alaniz for over 20 years. Being quite pleased with being cast as a featured extra role in the current Sole production D.I.N.K.S. Jeff looks forward to any other film work he can secure in the future. His strong points are the ability to play any role from the outcast biker to well dressed businessman along with exaggerated comedic facial expression.


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