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Robert Alaniz
Producer / Director

Robert Alaniz and his organization Sole Productions have been making full-length feature films in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois since 2003. He and his films have been featured on FOX NEWS and ABC Morning News with Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez. His past films include Timeserver (2004) Barrymore’s Dream (2005) Bitterblue (2006) and most recently THE VISION (2009) all of which are now available on DVD at His film Barrymore’s Dream won BEST FEATURE FILM at the Route 66 Film Festival in September 2007 and THE VISION is presently making the rounds in the 2010 film festival circuit around the country.

When contemplating what his next film would be about, Robert drew from he and his wife’s own personal experiences as a married couple without children and came up with D.I.N.K.s (Double Income, No Kids). A comedy based on the discrimination that he and his wife have experienced over the years from couples with children. D.I.N.K.s is Robert Alaniz’s fifth film.

Robert and his wife, Carol live in Frankfort, Illinois with their two cats, Peanut and Missy.

Dave Branigan
Executive Producer

Dave is no stranger to Sole Productions. He auditioned for and played a small part in Robert Alaniz’s first film Timeserver in 2003. His physical appearance got him a bigger role in Alaniz’s next film Barrymore’s Dream where he portrayed the wealthy industrialist Randall Thomas (a role that he repeated in Robert Alaniz’s THE VISION). When the prospect of another film arose, Dave insisted on continuing his role as Executive Producer once again (as he had done previously in Barrymore’s Dream and THE VISION). Dave is an active member of local theatre productions in and around the Palos Park area where he lives with his wife, Kathy.

Max Nayden
Executive Producer

Max’s previous movie experience was as part of the production crew of Sole Productions second film, Barrymore’s Dream. Max, who is a physical therapist by trade, also acted as medical advisor for the film working with the actors whose characters had a physical disability or scenes that involved a character that gets injured in a scene. When the decision was made to make a follow-up film to Barrymore’s Dream, Max wanted to play a bigger role in the production. His faith in Director Robert Alaniz’s talent and dedication to professionalism inspired him to become one of that film’s Executive Producers. Max has taken on the Executive Producer role again, teaming up with Alaniz for Sole production’s first comedy D.I.N.K.s. Max lives in Frankfort, Illinois with his wife, Irit and three daughters.

William Wagoner
Executive Producer

Mr. Wagoner first met Director Robert Alaniz in the early 80’s when Alaniz was shooting one of his first independent films at a local nightclub. The two became friends and Wagoner agreed to help finance Alaniz’s next film Miles From Nowhere. The following year Wagoner acted in a small role in yet another Alaniz film. Wagoner moved to Tennessee in 1983. In 2007, he reconnected with Alaniz via the Internet. After viewing Alaniz’s film Bitterblue, Wagoner was instrumental in getting the film aired on a local TV channel WEPG in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Wanting to be a part of Alaniz’s next project, Wagoner came on board as an Executive Producer for D.I.N.K.s, once again supporting the talent that he saw several years ago. He presently resides in Whitwell, Tennessee.

Sarajane Crowley
Assistant Director
Casting Director

Sarajane Crowley is an aspiring young filmmaker whose main interests are directing. In September of 2009, she ran across a newspaper article about a film festival of Robert Alaniz's films at the Marcus Theaters in Orland Park, Illinois. Seeing how this was a great opportunity to actually experience the creation of a feature film, she seized the opportunity by contacting Sole Productions and set up an interview with Producer Robert Alaniz. Working her way from Production Assistant to Casting Director and finally landing her desired position as Assistant Director, Sarajane soon learned what it took to be a part of a seasoned feature film project.  She is grateful for the experience and will continue on to DePaul University in the Fall of 2010 to pursue a degree in film, hoping to one day become the director of her own films.

Susanne Hufnagel
Script Supervisor
Props Master

Susanne is grateful for this opportunity and is excited to have worked with Robert Alaniz on her first film! She has a theatre background, and is currently Stage Managing ONE FLEA SPARE with Eclipse Theatre, which opens in April 2011. She has stage managed with the following Chicago theatre companies: Silk Road Theatre Project, Stockyards Theatre and Steep Theatre and Assist Stage Managed with TimeLine Theatre. She was also a Stage Management Intern for The Goodman Theatre for DROWNING CROW.

Jessica Styzinski

Jessica Styzinski first became familiar with filmmaking when she played small roles in Sole Productions’ previous films  Timeserver and Barrymore’s Dream. It was in 2006 that she started working behind-the-scenes in Bitterblue as the Assistant Director and camera operator. She took on a bigger role during The Vision when she became the Director of Photography as well as Assistant Director. Jessica is excited to be able to repeat her role as Director of Photography for D.I.N.K.s. She will now be able to focus on the technical parts of the film, which is what she really loves. She loves a challenge, and she is dedicated to making the film look perfect. Jessica is currently attending Columbia College Chicago. Her classes are helping her perfect the look of this film and giving her ideas of how to make it better. She is excited about being a part of this wonderful film!

Michael Stoskus
Key Grip
First Assistant Camera

Once again Michael Stoskus is on board with one of the elite movie directors on the south side of Chicago, Mr. Robert Alaniz. Michael was not only the Key Grip and 1st Assistant Camera on the project but also had time to play a character in the movie, Mr. Harlan Avery. Michael has tremendous talent and one day someone else in the movie industry will hopefully put him to work and use that talent to its fullest extent. Michael has always enjoyed working on Robert’s films.

This will be Michael’s fifth feature film with Mr. Alaniz. Michael has also appeared in a handful of other independent films, The Basement, Vampire Cheerleaders, Pleasant Life and After Dark as well as extra work on many Hollywood productions such as Unconditional Love, Driven, Road to Perdition, The Express and Fred Clause. Michael plans to “Go for the Gold,” so to speak, and branch out as a Hollywood actor. Michael says “Thank you!” to all his friends and family who have supported him as he follows his dream.

Brad Reising
Second Assistant Camera
Art Department

Ever since Brad was young, he was never afraid to show his creative side.  He would draw his own comic strips, force his family to play the games that he created and create short films and funny commercials with his friends using his handy cam.  This creativity continued through High School where he was actively involved in the Drama department.  Brad's passion has always been in film and animation.  After High School, he attended Purdue University studying computer graphics technology.  Brad is very grateful to have joined the crew on "D.I.N.K.s", his first film with Sole Productions.  "This has been one of the best experiences I've ever had.  I've learned so much from so many talented people".  Brad is planning to go back to school soon to finish his degree.  His goal is to become a Technical Director working on an animated feature film one day.  "The experience I gained from working on this film will most definitely benefit me down the road".  Brad is also the designer of the "D.I.N.K.s" movie poster.  He resides in Lansing, IL. 

Nicholas Kozlowski
Sound Recordist / Gaffer

This is Nicholas Kozlowski’s third film with Director Robert Alaniz.  Nick was a gaffer in Bitterblue, Key Grip in Robert Alaniz’s The Vision and worked as a Sound Recordist and as a gaffer for D.I.N.K.s (Double Income No Kids).  Nick was also a production assistant to Director Laura Klein on her short film, The Falling of the Bright, working with students from Columbia College in Chicago, IL.

Nicholas is currently attending college now with plans to someday work in Los Angeles.

Crystal Dabbs

This is Crystal's first feature film and first time working with Robert Alaniz. This has been an amazing experience learning all aspects of filming a movie, from the crew, the actors and the location spots made her even hungrier to continue on this journey and dream she's had as far as she could remember. She have worked on concerts and dance competitions in the past and currently is a Studio Camera Operator for the past 10 years for the Emmy award-winning Christmas Glory and Easter Concerts at Apostolic Church of God in Chicago. She hope's that this experience will broaden her range and lead her to work on many films and eventually towards making a documentary and possibly a movie.

Sue O'Malley
Still Photographer

Sue O’Malley has had the extraordinary opportunity of being the location and publicity photographer on all five of Sole Productions movies. Sue met Producer / Director Robert Alaniz by coincidence at a local Starbucks in Frankfort, Illinois when he was just finishing up the script of his first film “Timeserver”.

Sue is an accomplished photographer with award winning photojournalism with 22nd Century Media. She is accomplished in production and publicity photography in many facets; theater groups, documentary, family portraits, newborn, and pet photography. Sue has a vast array of experience and knowledge of photography, which has given her an extraordinary ability to capture the moment and produce amazing images.

Vikki Tonge
Costume Supervisor

Vikki is a freelance photographer currently living in Chicago, Illinois. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree, in photography, from Columbia College Chicago. Her work includes performance and promotional photography for circus artists and related organizations, as well as headshot photography.  She has worked with such groups as The Midnight Circus, The Actor's Gymnasium, Meirmanov Sports Acrobatics and SilverGuy Entertainment. Vikki also works in the Art Department on films. She was most currently Art Director for the web based series COMANCHE and was the production photographer as well. When Vikki is not behind the camera, she is in front of it as an alternative model, specializing in the vintage Pin-Up style. Vikki's Website 

Dani Wilkin
Production Assistant

Dani’s interest and curiosity for all aspects of filmmaking continues to grow along with her main focus- acting. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and an Acting Minor in 2010, Dani attended a job fair in Orland Park where she was introduced to a woman who had previously worked with Robert Alaniz on the set of D.I.N.K.s. Dani contacted Robert in hopes of a learning opportunity with his production team.  After an interview with Robert and Assistant Director, Sarajane Crowley, Dani was given the title of Production Assistant.  Thus far both the opportunity and experience has surpassed her expectations. 



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